Benchmarking your reputation to others

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When you set up Responsr you will add a setup that is suited to one type of customer interaction. We call it an app.

Each app comes with specific benchmark settings based on what is reasonable for your type of business.

You will be able to compare your results to other businesses of the same type. 

If you set up a restaurant app it is reasonable that you want to compare your restaurant to others of the same type of restaurant, lets say Indonesian. But you also want to compare to your competition on a local level.

If your are a restaurant you will get these types of benchmarks:

  • Your type of restaurant (Indonesian) within the whole country
  • Your type of restaurant (Indonesian) within your region
  • Your type of restaurant (Indonsesian) within your city or part of city
  • All restaurants in the country
  • All restaurants in your region
  • All restaurants within your city or part of city
  • You can also benchmark with your own results a year ago

Other types of apps might have other settings. If you are a customer service team, the region, city or part of city is likely not of interest. You can benchmark with the same types of Customer service teams instead. In B2B or B2C, retail or hospitality. 

By selecting what type of business and services you provide the system will provide you with the same type.

This is how you set up your settings in a hotel app.

Note how you can set region, city and type of hotel and these settings will be used for your benchmark.

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