Pitfalls working with your team

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There are some big no-no:s when working with NPS and these types of customer surveys.

Never ever pay your staff for a high NPS-score!

This is the easiest pitfall you can do if you want to provide an excellent customer experience. As soon as you make NPS part of someones salary or other types of bonuses you will loose insights to the customer experience. 

First of all - it is not one person being scored - it is your whole company - including brand, reputation and how you deliver compared to your competition. It is wrong to incentify a few people for this.

The numbers will be gamed by different means. Common examples are:

  • Asking customers for a high score on the survey - you will no longer know what they really thought
  • Excluding unsatisfied customers or mishandling contact information to customers who might not score high. - You will not know what to improve or how you perform.

You will loose your actual insights if you incentify the score. We suggest incentifying a high response rate. This will make sure your staff are keen to get customers to provide insights you need to provide good service.
It will also boost a good culture of wanting to improve.

Do not be too scientific about it!

The biggest gain of an using NPS is not actually because NPS is the absolute perfect score.
It is having the tools to work with to improve and actually doing it.

We often compare this to a smartwatch. If your smartwatch measures how you burn calories or the number of steps you take a day. Would you stop using it if the numbers are not super accurate?

Because they are not. But using them will help you focus on burning calories or taking more steps than otherwise and that is what takes you towards your goal. If you turn your focus towards if it was really 1200 calories or 1250, then you are off the track.

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