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Responsr supports GDPR and there are tools available for you to have Responsr supporting your needs for handling personal data within the system.

The common questions

  • Data is stored withing EU and no personal data is transfered outside of EU
  • Data is not transferred to third party outside of EU
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Sub processors include: Hosting centre (Connect in Sweden) and SMS-provider (Generic Mobile)

The full agreement is available upon sign up to Responsr as well as linked under "Personal data" in "App settings"

Tools for handling personal data

  • A policy service on how long personal data is kept in the system
  • Tools for handling individual customers personal data

The personal data policy service

The policy service is set up in the settings part of an application. You select how long personal data will be stored in the system. If you set the policy to remove personal data after 6 months, then personal data will be removed 6 months from when it was created or last updated in the system. 


If a customer buys or books something there will be a transactional survey sent. The personal data such as email, name etc. will be removed from the booking information as well as from the survey response after 6 months. The survey response as well as non personal booking data will be kept in the system.

If a customer list is automatically synced to an external system such as a CRM, Startdeliver, Marketing system etc. in a manner that the list is updated in Responsr, then the individual will be removed from the list in Responsr on the next update and after 6 months all personal data of the person will be removed automatically.

Removing individual personal data

If a customer would request that you remove personal data from Responsr, then you can open the customer card showing the user and click "Remove personal data". Personal data is removed at that time. Cached personal data might still be visible for a short while after this setting. 

New personal data

If personal data is removed either manually or by policy it is no longer stored in the system. If the personal data is sent to Responsr again, it will be added again. Responsr has a unique feature to recognize reoccuring customers without storing personal data, but if a customer is sent to Responsr it will recognize the customer and be able to show its history.

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