Use Zapier to get your to more systems

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guide on Access tokensZapier is the world leading integration plattform. It allows you to integrate Responsr to more than 5000 different applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Mailchimp, Excel and many many more.

You can easily get your responses to update your CRM of show up in Microsoft Teams or Slack.
Although, you can even easier set up Teams or Slack through or Webhooks (separate articles).

1. Log into Zapier

2. Select "Responsr"

3. You will need a API Access token to log in. To create an access token:
     - Log into Responsr and click the top menu. Either "Company settings" or "My settings".

     - I the left hand navigation you will find "Access tokens". Create one token and open Zapier again.
     If you need further help with the token. Please see the guide on Access tokens.

4. Add connection to Responsr in Zapier by entering the access token.

5. Zapier will guide you to a page where you can select the app you want to connect.

6. Zapier will guide you through the process of selecting the target system, such as Salesforce, Excel, Google sheets ....

7. Zapier will guide you to select what fields to transfer to your target system.

At the end of the set up. Zapier will have set up a webhook from Responsr, channeling the fields you want to use to the system you want to send the data to.

You will see the Zapier webhook in "App settings" in responsr and your integration is finished.

To remove the connection through Zapier:

1. Remove the Zap from Zapier.

2. If you have no other integrations to Zapier you can also remove the Access token. However, do not do this if you have used it for other Zapier set ups.

3. If there is a webhook to Zapier still in the App settings page, you can now remove it. It should be removed automatically by Zapier but there have been cases when it has not been done.

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