Integration to Startdeliver

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There two ways to integrate to Startdeliver. The most obvisous one is there is an app for Startdeliver.

The Startdeliver-App
The Startdeliver-app will fetch all stakeholders from Startdeliver and add them to the Startdeliver app for you to automatically collect actionable feedback. When setting up the app you will be asked for the Startdeliver API-key. How to set up an app

The Startdeliver App updates your list of customers within 5 minutes and will then update the list daily to keep it up to date.

Send NPS-responses to Startdeliver API

To send NPS-responses from any app in Responsr to Startdeliver, you will create a webhook.

1. Go to App-settings for the App you want to connect

2. Click the edit-icon next to Webhooks and create a new Webhook.

3. Settings for the web hook:
Type: Startdeliver answer notification
Authorization header : YOUR API-KEY

How to create your Startdeliver API-key with the right credentials

1. Log into startdeliver and click on your profile. Click API-keys and then Create a new API-Key. 

2. Name your API-key. We suggest the name "Responsr" for you to easily find this key.

3. Copy your key to a safe location or paste directly into Responsr. You will need the key for your integrations. Make sure it is set to Active to make sure it will work. The first characters of the API key should be "api-" and then a string of additional characters.


4. Give your key permission to Read and Write "Feedback", "Users", "Customers", "UserTypes"

Please note:

  • The transfer will be of users set as active and as stakeholders on companies that are set as active. 
  • Only users with an email adress will be transferred to Responsr
  • The initial transfer will start within 10 minutes of activating the App with a correct API-key and active integration. The customer list will be updated daily. 
  • The application will use the language set in Startdeliver. If language is not set there is an interpretation based on country for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland where country is used to set language.

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