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To get the best insights to your customer needs you will need for them to give you feedback. By keeping a high responserate you will increase your insight, the number of reviews and get most out of Responsr.

These are some tips:

  • Make sure you have good contact information to your clients
  • Ask them to provide feedback to you whenever possible, we have made sure to keep it short and simple for them.
  • Responsd to their feedback. Thank them for providing you with their thoughts. Show that you listen!
  • Respond within 48h of them providing feedback or the effect will decrease.

This is what Responsr automatically does:

  • The survey is super short - only three clicks in total!
  • The can respond in less than 20 seconds by thumbing on the mobile phone or through a desktop.
  • The only get a survey every now and then. Even if they are in contact with you every day, we only send a survey once in a while.
  • Great delivery rate of emails and SMS messages.

What is a good response rate?

  • A common responserate for a survey is 25% if it was triggered by an interaction such as a stay at a hotel or customer service call.
  • In relational surveys, that are not triggered by an interaction, it is commonly lower because you are not top of mind of the customer. (But asking them to participate will increase your responserate, because that is an interaction)
  • The most important factor for your responserate is how important the customer think it is to respond.

Our take on how to look at response rates:

If 25 percent of your customers emailed you to provide you with structured feedback and insight to their recent interaction with you. - Would that not be fantastic? Would you not act on that email and thank them?
This is nothing different - the only difference is that we are asking for their point of view and they are taking their time to respond.

Sometimes we get comments like you should have a certain responserate to be able to act on the insights. But that comes from statistical surveys based on sampling - such as asking 2000 people out of a whole population. 
Responsr is not asking samples - we are asking the whole customer base.

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